Works of heART, a body of work dedicated to the heart, the experience of living, loving, breaking, healing…

People often ask me to explain what an individual piece means. I find this difficult, especially with my Works of heART. What an individual piece means to me is a sum of the process of bringing it to creation, sharing it with an audience and watching its meaning grow, or change with each interaction. It’s a shared experience between myself, the art, and the audience. It’s the relationship between art and its audience that makes art so powerful. Arts’ power lies in its ability to extract, invite, invoke, and inspire infinite possibilities of relation and meaning. There are as many meanings in a piece of art as there are individuals who experience it. That’s magic, & I can’t take credit for putting that depth of meaning into a piece. That magic is created by you, the viewer, and, the work itself.

I invite you to browse through the HEART GALLERY and find your own meanings,
and experiences along the way.

With Gratitude,

Dave Borba

Works of heART

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