Carving: My favorite part is when the saw begins cutting away chunks, chisels slice away shavings, rotary tools and sandpaper cover my floor with fine dust, and the piece begins to take it's form. I'm delighted and thrilled to let the will of the wood and the spirit of the creative process guide me as the piece comes to life.

Making the Mold: After the carving is complete and I'm satisfied with the results I make a mold with a high quality silicone that captures each and every subtle detail of the original. This allows me to reproduce the carving in limited editions, and offer variations of each piece.

Casting the Series: Once the mold is complete, the casting begins. For this I mix a high quality three-part resin using water, catalyzed polyester and marble dust . After the piece is pulled from the mold its surface is prepped and made ready for paint.

Hand Painting and Assembling: Each piece is meticulously painted by hand to a richly detailed, bright and fresh finish & then assembled. After it comes out looking shiny and new, it's time to make it look old! I do this to give my work a sense of nostalgia. To do this I've developed a multiple step process that adds decades of weathering to its appearance and gives the work a nostalgic and vintage feeling. Finally, I fit them with hand operated mechanical movements; levers open mouths, pulleys spread wings. The result: "Interactive Vintage-Inspired Folk Art." Below is a brief description of each step in the process.

Although multiple pieces are cast in each series, due to the nature of the process, no two works are alike. Once a creation has come to completion each one ends up with its own distinctive and unique qualities. Although they are offered as limited editions it's safe to say that each piece is one is one-of-a-kind. Limiting the number of reproductions helps keep the "family" small and helps motivate me to keep coming up with new additions to the collection.

With Gratitude,

Dave Borba


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