"Interactive Vintage-Inspired Folk Art" is how I’ve chosen to describe this body of work.

What you will in this collection are limited edition reproductions of original wood carvings. These works are inspired by past generations, when people were more grounded to their surroundings through their daily activities. An era when craftsmanship was truly valued and creativity was a necessity to make it from one day to another. A time of deeper relationships with our neighbors, our co-workers, our food, our clothes, and our families.

These works are interactive. Each piece incorporates a movement that is activated by a simple mechanical device; mouths open when a lever is pressed, or wings open when a sting is pulled. Though they are not “toys” they are meant to be touched and related to with a hands on experience. They are here to remind us that in a world of high tech, there is pleasure to be found in simplicity and joy to be had through taking the time to interact with our world on a more personal level. My favorite part of showing these works is watching peoples response when they first interact with a piece.

Hop on over to the FOLK ART GALLERY to see a variety of characters, and remind yourself that things don’t need batteries, or outlets to be entertaining ;)

With Gratitude,

Dave Borba




Interactive Folk Art

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