Born October 19,1975 in Salt Lake City, Utah, I’ve spent my years harvesting as many experiences as I can, knowing the time I’ve got left won’t be nearly long enough to fit in everything I’d like to do before I cash out. Hence, my many diverse interests, skill sets and passion for getting out into the world and living life to its fullest as often as I can.

I’ve been fortunate to enough to nourish my soul & make a living through various creative outlets, including Industrial Design, Commercial and Freelance Photography, Graphic Design, Illustration and Fine Art. 

When I’m not working, I’m playing, and playing hard. Living in Salt Lake City gives me many opportunities to grab an adventure along the way. In my free time you can find me hiking or biking on mountain and desert trails, tied into ropes, running rivers, or if it’s been an exceptionally great year to be an artist, you’ll find me traveling abroad.

Things I love the most: My son, my dogs, this life, creativity, laughter, and love itself. Live and Love while you can folks, there's no promise of tomorrow. 

With Gratitude,

Dave Borba

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